You Should Take Your Workout Outside

The world of health and well-being is boiling with Forest Baths. Of course, being in nature has many advantages, including stress relief. So it makes sense to take advantage of the good training time and exercise outdoors. The best part about working out outdoors is that you unlock great benefits that you won’t find in a gym.

Read on and find out why you should add an outdoor workout to your training program. We even show you a great beginner workout that will adapt to any park!

3 reasons to exercise and get outside

It becomes more dynamic

The researchers conducted a study by asking one group of people to go outside and the other inside. It turned out that the outer group noticed more fun and enthusiasm (and less fatigue) than the inner group.

Going to a beautiful park or a natural park will help you feel more relaxed and at ease and will facilitate your training. When the air is pleasant and lively, you feel like you are training harder and longer (even if it is more difficult because of the environment).


Natural sunlight is extremely important, but many people still don’t have enough of it. Spending time in the sun is a good way to get vitamin D. Studies even suggest that it can help prevent obesity and diabetes.

Natural sunlight also keeps your circadian rhythm properly tuned and increases melatonin production at night for superior sleep.


It’s good to change things up from time to time. One of the best options is to go to a park or an outdoor training area and get a quick workout with everything at hand.

Without the opulence of countless dumbbells and machines, you have to get more creative and try all kinds of exercise variations to create the workout you want. And many bodyweight movements help you get an idea of your own body and the space around you (without all the mirrors, benches, etc.).).


Dress like it’s a few degrees cooler than the actual temperature. When your body heats up, it feels heater than it really is. So dress accordingly. (This means that if it’s COLD, keep a jacket nearby that you can put on after your workout.)

Wear sunscreen and a hat if you are going to be outside for long periods.

Bring water, because there could be no wells.

Try going to a community training ground in a park – there are a lot of tie rods, climbing bars, diving stations, etc. this will allow you to do a lot more exercises.

If your gym has an outdoor area (or a quiet parking lot), you can even try to do things there. Try grabbing dumbbells or Kettlebells to carry them, or weighted swings.

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