This Is the Prowler and You Should Use It

Chances are you’ve seen a machine called a Prowler in your gym. Comparable to a metal sled, it is at first glance quite minimalist. Anyone who has ever used it during a workout knows that it can be a stressful and stimulating element for any workout. With multiple bars for different sliding positions, users can slide the device as is or add dumbbell plates to the bars to strengthen the challenge.


“When programmed and used correctly, it can help develop speed and strength, develop superior running mechanics, for active recovery, metabolic conditioning or just a heartbreaking mental and body challenge,” explains Ariel Foxie, trainer at S10 Training in New York. β€œThe possibilities are almost limitless.”

When pushing the trolley correctly, maintain a slightly tilted forward position with the core Stretched β€” not transversely and not too straight. In this position, you simultaneously challenge your abs, quadriceps, glutes, erectors, and torso for a full-body burn.

“Use it with a lighter weight and at a regular pace for a heat-up to increase body temperature or a heavier weight for a metabolic finisher,” he suggests. “Increasing the overall load means increasing the calories or energy expended for this session.”

Although using this device may seem intimidating at first glance, Foxie says we’re all superior off if we can put that stigma aside. “When used correctly and regularly, it can help improve your Cardio and recovery times,” he says.

A great way to familiarize yourself with the discomfort: start slowly to go fast. Instead of loading the weight and throwing caution to the wind, find a comfortable weight and start at a controllable pace. Familiarize yourself with your steps and your contact with the ground as you continue to improve speed and rhythm.


Here, Foxie recommends a simple Cardio Routine, perfect for beginners. For an extra challenge, add tricks or reduce the recovery time.


Load the Prowler with the weight you want (he suggests 50 weights), then sprint 15 to 20 meters before bringing the Prowler back in the opposite direction to complete the set. Rest for 60 seconds before continuing. Do 3-5 Sets.


Load the Prowler with a comfortable weight. Hold the bars and sprint in one direction for 6-8 seconds. Follow the 40-second active recovery jump rope to complete the set. Then go straight back to the Sprint horizontal bar. Do 3-5 Sets.


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