Some Ways to Make Lunch Workouts Work

If you are short on time thanks to work, family, friends, volunteering, laundry and many other commitments, the only free time you have during your day may be your lunch break.

Although working out at lunchtime may seem awkward, many people with busy jobs swear by their lunchtime workout and take full advantage of it, not only to help them integrate exercise into a busy day, but also to clear their head and focus on the rest.their hours

Here are eight proven strategies that real professionals use to train at noon:

Schedule training sessions while you are in the company

You’ve probably heard this advice about workouts, but it’s even more important when you’re juggling meetings and a to-do list around your workout.

“I work out during lunch, because it helps to avoid the stress of finding time for my long morning walk or the necessary participation in the evening nightlife,” says Jessica Gramuglia, supervisor of the music industry.

“I schedule appointments on my calendar that are not negotiable. My work schedule is marked as busy, so I can’t find a meeting on my calendar,” she says. His unmissable activities at lunchtime? “I use this one-hour break for cycling, walks, surfing (I’m on the water) or HIIT workouts.”

Plan the training according to your workload

As a mother of three, Wynn Newingham doesn’t really have much time to go to the gym. “I decided about six months ago to work with the time I had and it was my lunch break,” she explains. “I have a one-hour lunch break and my work has a small gym and a shower area. I give myself about 30 to 45 minutes to lift weights, run outside or get on the rowing machine, and about 15 minutes to take a shower.”

To achieve her goal of three workouts a week without disrupting her workday, she schedules them according to what she needs to do in the office. “For example, if I know that I don’t have afternoon meetings, I will choose to run, because it will take much longer to cool down than lifting weights,” she says.


Finding a gym or a Studio near your office can make all the difference. “On Mondays and Fridays, I have a break in my schedule that is not long enough to go home between classes,” says language teacher Yana Givorg. “So I found a yoga studio nearby, I exercise for an hour and a half, then I take a shower and relax in the Studio during my Break.”

Take a walking lunch
You don’t need a gym to get a good workout. “I take long walks during my lunch break – usually almost a mile round trip,” says Simon Ponder, head of SEO awareness. “I take the time to do this by bringing my lunch to my desk just before my walk (or after) and eating it, and it’s usually something simple like a salad or a bowl of soup that I can heat up quickly.


“I swim once a week during my lunch break,” says Jesse Jayne Rutherford, marketing director and author. “The pool is near my office and there is no set Lunch Time in my company.”

Fortunately that the whole world does not have a flexible schedule, if that is the matter, Rutherford’s strategy could be to win: “because it takes him about an hour and 15 minutes to drive, get dressed, swim, rinse and get back in the car, I make up the last 15 minutes at the end of the day or during a lunch”

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